Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

The week starts off with the moon in Cancer and I like that for you. It’s kind of your own personal new moon.  New moons can be tough though. They’re a celestial way of “sitting” with your own energy and some people short out from that.  Fortunately, after Wednesday, you’re likely to feel more up and on rather than feel put upon.  As Aries season wraps up, there are two more events that will help you push ahead with your goals on the job/career front.  Think of the Sun-Mars hook up on Wednesday as your chance to “knock” extra hard on a door that you want to open. So do just that. After you’ve given your best knocking, on Saturday, a tete a tete between Mercury and Uranus provides a great opportunity to strategize and brainstorm new opportunities and doors on which to knock. Or knock down. Don’t waste it on a lot of idle chatter or spinning your mental wheels. 

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