Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  The standoff with “Sitchyoazzdown” Saturn in your sign’s home base and the “Gityoazzup” Sun shining bright overhead along your career/social ladder suggests that you may feel mighty torn at the top of the week. Fortunately, you’ll quickly be able to figure out some clear workaround with most of the blockages. The key is not to hold on too tightly to your frustration, recognizing that stepping back or around is not an excuse to step away. Time is on your side, Cancer, this week.


#Heartstrings:  A lot of astrological ink has been spilled on the “smother” love of your sign, but that view is only from the outside in. For you, from the inside out, isn’t about smothering anybody. It’s about “containing chaos” and that’s exactly how you might feel—doing as much as you can to keep yourself and everyone you love together. You are responsible for a lot, Cancer. But there are some things that you have to remember that you are not responsible for. Let’s start with one: you aren’t responsible for someone else’s happiness. If you’re nurturing someone in any capacity, his/her job is to receive as best he or she can the best that you’re giving. If you’re expecting more, you might be tapping into a delusion that can only leave you frustrated.

#MoneyMoves: The Sun-Saturn stalemate I described earlier doesn’t suggest this is the best time to feel like you’re making progress on the career front. Or if things are moving along, they’re moving like cars in the slow lane of a traffic jam on a major highway.  The dark horse for you this week is Mercury shaking a mucky foot out of Pisces and stepping into the heat and passion of Aries. You’re likely to feel like you can follow your instincts again, knowing that your mind feels confident to think ahead. So you might be crawling toward along the highway, but your Mercury allows you to see the exit sign 100 feet ahead.