Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

#MeTime:  Mercury and Uranus light the roof of your career/work “house” on fire and you may very well say that you don’t need any mf’ing water. But I think you should have a little on hand. Your mind is on fire and your need to push through barriers and BS are quite strong and creative. (No more work-arounds this week. You’re full on!) The only problem is that those pinchers of yours can hurt when firmly and adamantly vocalized; so be sure to soften your delivery while being resolute in your intent. You can do both, moon-child.


#Heartstrings:  Another week to deal with boundary lessons probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing in the world. So to make sure it’s not boring or wholly repetitious from last week, let’s say that this week that it’ll be you who will have to be better acquainted with boundaries.  You’re not a crabby brawler, though. You’re more like the cat that swipes when you’re playing or the superhero who doesn’t realize her own strength while carrying a dude in distress. You could be a little more sensitive at the top of the week, so when you’re offended be sure to include all the above in the calculus of your response, i.e., before you let your tongue flay flesh that will take a long time to stitch.

#MoneyMoves: If I could give advice to the people around you, I would say: “Watch. Watch your mouth, watch your ass, and watch him/her (you) go!” It’s not enough to say to anyone that they should be careful when they step to you, because you, Cancer, are more likely to step to them now than usual.  You know what you want and you’re going to get it. And you won’t feel like sidestepping around people to get it. Or examining lies masquerading as excuses or feces faking the funk as facts.  You have a single pointed focus that spares no fools or foolery.