Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  I used to love wind-up alarm clocks when I was a kid—the sound of them cranking up, feeling the clock “tense” up as it wound up, knowing that I was putting in the energy that would be used to wake me up. It was intimate and held simple lessons that remind me of what your week may look like. Tension can be the dynamic coil of energy that releases slowly until it finds the right time to sound off and not just when you go off on somebody.  For you, this “tension” might release toward the end of the week, during the full moon, with a culmination of feelings and inner knowing that you might not have known was there before or suspected was as profound.


#Heartstrings:  No one should be fooled by your poise and quiet manner now, including you, because you have the solid, wound-up energy of cat before it leaps.  You may need some familiarity with this coiled energy, especially toward the top of the week, as you’re more likely to “spring” on somebody you care for too fast or too hard. In fact, you might come off 3x’s more annoyed or upset than you actually might be. You might have even been playing when you “went off.”  People are just sensing the underlying tension. As the week gets long, however, you’ll notice that the tension was yearning for deep release that could be sprung by off-the-chain sex (solo or duo) or by some deep probing body work, like deep tissue massage or energy healing, that preps your body to give even more to others and things you want to accomplish.

#MoneyMoves: When it comes to money, you may feel a strong need to conserve and reserve this week. It may be hard to settle on what you want; the changes you want to make; or how to best invest your resources in the things that would either help you make more money or how to have your money best work for you. So sit tight. Literally. It’s okay, because sometimes you have to build up “energy” to release greater amounts of it. And money is energy.