Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

I’m beginning to think that last year and the next two years are all a major PR ploy from the Head Office for the Advancement of Zodiacal Cancer Folk to reform the image of Cancer as only sweet, touchy, comfort-loving homebodies. (Essentially making y’all sound like taller Hobbits.)  We’ll forget that this idea mostly never existed except in some dusty astrology books, but it’s still the view of many.  Though not for long. You’re scaling craggily mountains, it seems, with your bare hands, Moon children, and making Capricorns feel insecure.  (In fact, they’ve been more the homebodies these days.)  This week starts off with the moon in Aries, your career sign, so you’re back on your grind.  As you “lace up” and head toward whatever top that inspires you, keep an eye out for shaded openings and shelters for love and comfort. Those seem more readily available from Wednesday through Friday. 

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