Cancer [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime: You have the unique distinction of having the planet that represents the pulse of the cosmos as your sign’s patron planet—the Moon. I imagine that comes with a lot of responsibility and occasionally feels like a burden. This could be one of those weeks when it feels that way, but not because you’ll have to play some hero for the whole damn planet (or cosmos). It’s because you may be a lot more understanding of why people feel the way they feel than they do. So when you’re kind of a mini-guru, how do you feel comfortable when you feel too caught up in your own mood or want to cut people off? Good question. My best answer is that it’s okay to also find the times when you have to be MORE understanding for yourself and your needs too. You’re hooked up to a pulse for the cosmos…and that includes you too!


#Heartstrings: The week starts with the moon finishing up its run in the last bit of Scorpio, in your romantic/play side of Zodiac Lounge. That clues us in that you may feel the need to look closely at the intentions and motivations for lovers, specifically, but your close peeps too. In some ways, you’re doing that because you’re also giving a sharper look at your own intentions and motivations and you want to be sure you and everyone else is on the level. Shade is not the only thing that you can find, though. It could be that your expectation of why people do things is not yours, and that’s okay. Everyone finds his way to love the best way he can. The issue is ALWAYS if he finds his way to love in a way that YOU can receive. If you’re not connecting that way, focus on that.

#MoneyMoves: Your sign is the gateway to understanding regular people. It’s because the moon, the key astro-signature of your brand, has its pulse on all of us. There are advantages to being the everyperson beyond the fact that you can relate to a lot of people. You’re also a trend master, knowing what trends may be surfacing before they actually hit the streets. This has all kinds of applications for you, from sales to national security. You don’t have to set the trend to know the trend, but you could. This week look closer at something you know may pick up steam with a segment of the population, especially one you want to reach…for any reason. You could make a breakthrough.