Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  One of my favorite pop phrases is “speaking truth to power.” It took me awhile to get what that actually meant though. As I understand it, when the truth is spoken (and all parties involved know it’s the truth), there’s an energy released that’s liberating and empowering. There’s another nuance to that too. When you convince people that you’re speaking the truth, there’s power for you. Of course, as always, what one does with that power is everything—abuse or wise use is always on the line for what happens next.


#Heartstrings:  Having empathy ≠ imbecile. There’s a difference between judging someone and using discernment.  Let me implore you to use discernment. You may find that your sense of understanding and connection with people this week is very sharp. Perhaps so much so that you might even feel someone’s pain more acutely than normal.  However, that doesn’t have to mean that you sacrifice good sense or what’s good for you to do what’s best for a loved one (unless they’re not in a position to help themselves, like a child or an incapacitated adult.)  Discernment is when you choose options that are best for you and your life. Judgment is when you choose options that are best for people who are entitled to make options for themselves.  Use your discernment with your empathy and feel your way into providing the support people really need, not what you think would be best for them over and beyond what you can give.

#MoneyMoves: You may find fertile ground for growth in groups or through networking. You might also find that you can be very influential and persuasive in a group dynamic, whether you do it by email, phone or live.  For the last few months, you’ve been able to really put your finger on a pulse for how people are feeling and thinking.  I think it’s a fresher understanding coming in from Neptune’s tiptoe into Pisces for how you wrap your mind around trends. Great if you’re a marketer or communications. But if you’re not, then this is when you get to set the tone for how your family or friends can understand the world around them, including financial matters.  Of course, this means you have to stay abreast of what’s going on around you yourself; but you may have more of an inner sense of what’s going on beyond what’s in the news.