Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  I got a little silly koan for you about your patron planet: the Moon always shows the same face to us, though it has two. As you meditate on that, think about the face you’re not showing, as that’s the face behind the face you’re showing to the world.  It’s also the face you may feel most reluctant to share with others now.  Unlike a regular mirror, you’re going to need some way to mirror your thoughts back to yourself now. So think about meditation, writing, or any activity that creates space for you to observe and reflect on what’s going on beneath the surface.  Otherwise, you may have a hard time tackling things directly now.


#Heartstrings:  I guess there must be some Cancers in the world who have poker faces, but I haven’t met any.  I’m always struck by how the Cancer face explodes with emotion and reactions that may or may not have anything to do with what’s happening in the moment.  Yes, a lot of what transpires in that very active mind of yours is written all over your face, Cancer. And you might have a hard time discussing or detailing what’s happening on that teleprompter of a face you have.  In fact, it might be embarrassing to say that you don’t even know what flashed across your face because it was a thought that may have nothing to do with your intentions or interest in the moment.  So speak about those intentions or that interest, especially if it’s positive. That may save a lot of confusion now as there’s a lot going on and loved ones or friends may read more on your face than what’s really happening.

#MoneyMoves: This past weekend’s solar eclipse sets up a challenge for you that may continue for a few months, if you’re not willing to deal with it head-on. For a good portion of this year, you’ve been making great strides with getting out of your comfort zone, especially with your work goals and habits.  Now you might feel drawn back to some of your old habits and feel like you’re being goaded to change (by people, the Cosmos, etc.) rather than allowed to change.  Basically, you just don’t feel like it anymore.  Welp, no one can or should make you do what you don’t want to do, so why resist? (That’s a real question. And the real answer is why and when you will be open to the change again. But only you can answer that. The “when” may come within the next month though.)