Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

Two planets go into your sign this week, Mercury and Venus.  So it begins.  Although we’re about three weeks from your sign’s ship coming in, there’s a gathering of force and energy building up for you.  For over a year, you’ve been on the battlefront for your own ascendancy in life, with a few lulls here and there. Perhaps it’s mostly felt uphill in the rain with mudslides along the way.  But what’s beginning to happen is that you’re going to get a little more cooperation from the cosmos this summer.  You can imagine this as the cavalry storming in, you nearing the top of that hill and way better weather.  It doesn’t mean the battle is over, but you get a little more edge coming up. This ascendancy is all about the comfort you want for yourself & others in your life.  So don’t push them away when you know you want them most.

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