Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  Like a watched pot of water never boils, a watched Cancer never comes out of his or her shell. Although all eyes are on you for what you’re going to do and most can sense the underlying tension that’s leading up to you doing something, there’s no evidence that you’re about to ready to come out.  However, if you’re feeling hot & cold with goals and being social or just getting out of bed in the morning, than this does constitute as evidence, in my book.  It’s sustained constancy that perhaps challenges you the most because that means then something is usually stuck. You’re starting to feel less stuck and let that be good enough for you. If others want more, then they won’t have to wait too much longer.


#Heartstrings:  At the end of the week, we’ll be nearly halfway to #Cancer season. The good news is that you should feel a lot clearer on what’s percolating beneath the surface for you and you’ll be better able to share what’s going on with those who’ve wanted to know. Some of them, unfortunately, are going to wish that they had never known.  Your first impulse may be to shelter them, even if it’s “good news.” But your feelings are just that…yours.  As you get toward the hump of the week, you’ll be able to dispense the medicine you have to give with a little less edge, but don’t try to cap what you feel.  It’s time..and they’ve been asking for the truth.

#MoneyMoves: My folks, like many other folks their age, used to say,”fixin’ to get ready” when they were preparing to leave to go somewhere. That perfectly captures what’s happening with you. Although you may seem on a completely different trajectory than you were a few months ago, you’re not. Y’all Crabs always come at things sideways, but you’ll get there. So you’ll get back to the edginess you’ve been exploring this year and releasing yourselves from the need to feel absolutely safe first before moving forward.  But it’s gotta happen on a timetable that makes sense…to you!  Unfortunately, someone wants to accelerate your timetable. Fortunately, this person, either a coworker or supervisor, doesn’t have the stamina or the time to keep on you about it.  I’m not giving you license to be stubborn, but I am saying that you have only so much breathing room before you’re going to have to go full throttle. Again.