Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

#MeTime:  It’s true that every memory is an act of re-membering, of hobbling together disparate pieces of experience together to stitch together a coat of self that you wear daily.  However, there’s another uneasy truth about memory too. Memory is as much an act of creation as it is re-creation.  Sometimes you have to create memories without previous reference or precedent. The way forward sometimes is to start with “I’ve never…,” rather than starting with “have I ever?” Research will only take you so far.  A little daring will take you farther.


#Heartstrings: It’s odd and fascinating at the same time that so many people can talk about your sign’s emotional intelligence, but not as much is said about your emotional challenges and temptations as say Scorpio or Pisces.  Most of the time, astro folks make you sound like pouty, moody kids. (So untrue!) This week, with the Mexican stand off between Mercury, Pluto and Uranus, you will have to withstand the temptation to use your ability to tap deep into the recesses of people’s needs and desires to manipulate them for selfish ends.  It’s all the more tempting when you think you know(!) what’s right for them. You might be right, on all counts, but everyone’s entitled to a life and a clear understanding of their motivations without additional “management.”

#MoneyMoves: This year you’re undergoing a major revolution in how you face danger, perceptions of danger and risk.  As a rule, Cancers are risk adverse, but with Pluto in your opposite sign now, Capricorn, you’re prompted more than usual to be risk-friendly and put mettle to the pedal to go for yours.  This week is a significant trial run for challenging circumstances that might arise later this month or early next month; but it’s safe enough now as it’s mostly concerning your ideas and thoughts.  That doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything, eventually.