Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  On Wednesday of this week, we go into Cancer season, and it’s bound to be a very different birthday season for you than you’ve seen in recent years.  For starters, Mercury side-eyes Saturn at the top of the week, so that suggests that you’re feeling kind of raw and that suggests that it wouldn’t be wise to add scrutiny or sarcasm to anything you could better address head-on.  You might also feel a bit on edge because you can sense that people are feeling a bit on edge, and are tired of feeling on edge because authority figures want to pawn off crap as caviar.  It’s getting too hot for the stench.


#Heartstrings: You still have to be mindful of your mouth this week. The square off between Mercury and Saturn inclines a little too much toward sarcasm and being demanding.  At the root of this sharp edge that’s now your mouth is, I suspect, a frustrated longing and an indignation for things not being as simple as you hoped they would be as your birthday fixes its wig. It’s like a week-long pout. If that doesn’t sound attractive to you, then you’ll have a sense of how it must feel for those who love you and feel “punished” by an exacto-mind.  Keep up the work of keeping your heart open, though your mouth may want to shut the door for fear of letting disappointment in.

#MoneyMoves: The planets of revolution, Uranus, and of deep urging, Pluto, get steamy toward the weekend and that suggests that your metaphorical lid is starting to rattle under the slow boil you’ve been under for the last few months.  You backed away from going for the gusto and the gold then, Cancer, but you’re about to move forward with a quickness and perhaps a vengeance that might even shock you.  What’s been holding you back is your own sense of what seems appropriate or what you’ve accepted as what you’re entitled to.  You’ve always been entitled to much more and that doesn’t mean that you’ll lose sight of your roots and your ability to care for others if you go for it, or better, actually get what you want.  In fact, you can do and share more if you’re willing to dare for more now.  Leap!