Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  Again, it looks like Wednesday is another significant hump day for Cancers this week and you may feel like you’re genuinely turning a corner. You’re ready to move forward, having sensed last week that you aren’t living the authentic life that you want to live and now you also have a clearer sense of the whats and whos that have been in your way. Don’t bust out the communication UZI’s just yet.  You’re not heartless, though you might think that would be a better option for you.  It’s not.


#Heartstrings: You may have been nursing someone or even a relationship along for a little while…and you’re ready to take them off life support. The odd thing is that you must realize that this doesn’t have to spell the end of it all, but it very well could.  The challenge is to do this exactly when you’re ready and not as a bluff or some kind of negotiation tactic for getting your way. It’s likely to backfire.  Be a straight shooter, for real now, and you won’t have any curve balls or boomerangs zinging back at you.

#MoneyMoves: When it comes to work, this week could seem like the series finale of “Survivor: Cancer edition 2012,” with you making some of the moves to get ahead the way you’ve been wanting to since the beginning of the year.  You have the drive and forcefulness of personality to make a lot happen and it seems like you can do so while also reaping the rewards, support, and coalitions that you’ve been seeking to build.  Surrender or defeat doesn’t seem like options for you now, so you’re ready to go all out.  My recommendation would be to be mindful how you judge an offense. It’s one thing to cut someone off who’s been getting on your nerves for months, but it’s another thing to cut someone for a minor offense. Weigh things more in your heart than the heat of the moment.