Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

Jupiter is now firmly in your sign, and Mercury is retrograde, in Cancer. Here’s a word about these two planets that should help you not only put this week in perspective, but the next 12 months. Jupiter and Mercury have opposite functions: Mercury likes data and knowledge, but often lacks the understanding for what to do with it; Jupiter likes ideas and understanding, but sometimes jumps head first into stuff without knowing the details.  So here’s your chance to look at the facts & details while really broadening your understanding and vision for what you want during the year.  For instance, if you’re going for a new job soon, now is to get clear on the deets and hone in on the skillset, salary and life/work balance you want to strike there.  Jupiter’s got the wind at your back, but that’s no use if you’re sailing off half-cocked.

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