Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTimeAs we come upon the close of yet another Cancer season, it’s time to snap off the bands on your pincers and get to climbing out of whatever barrel you’re in (without trying to drag down any other crabs with you).  This week use the three way fight between Mars, Pluto and Uranus to stay active, however you can.  In fact, if you’ve been thinking to kickstart an exercise regimen or something to keep you active, then you have picked the right new moon on Wednesday to do it.


#Heartstrings: Between a Mercury retrograde and rollicking rocking Mars, you could be testier than usual. You may have some unfinished business to resolve with either a recent ex or some issues that you’re having with a current partner.  If it calls for marathon discussions, then luckily you have the physical energy and reserves to tackle that now. However, you may not have the patience if partners, present or former, aren’t being direct with you. If you’re enjoying “a table for one” more frequently, then I would recommend putting more focus and energy connecting with friends, collaborators and colleagues.

#MoneyMoves: This is the turning point, Cancer.  This new moon in Cancer represents a rebirth of some intentions that you may have first put in motion in January at that the Capricorn new moon. If you’ve been doing your normal sideways stroll toward your goals, then this is the time when you go straighter and stronger than you’ve gone in months.  Yes, it’s time to go hard (and going home is not an option.) You may have had your doubts about whether your support would really be there and perhaps there weren’t as many folks to nurture and support you as you had hoped. But the cosmos is on your side and there are enough people from your support system to root and cheer you on. Keep heart, my Luna-kissed sister or brother.  The green light has been given and there’s more metaphorical gas in the tank than the gauge tells ya.