Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  It certainly feels like you’re stepping more into your power now, and that’s gotta feel awesome.  But mayhaps you have a lot of anxiety around that because you might fear you’re gonna blow it.  Stop that.  The one thing you should honor most, perhaps more than anybody else as a child of the Moon, is that things have a way of cycling around again.  You’re on the upswing now, so use that momentum to go forward. But if for some reason you don’t or you can’t, it won’t be the end of the world.


#Heartstrings: Full moons are usually high times for you as you’re a child of the Moon. I’m sure you may find things all the more interesting, as this full moon is close enough to your birthday.  If you have a lot of high expectations for lovers and partners at this time, be careful of being too demanding or attempting to cap too many feelings surrounding whatever experience you’re seeking to have.  You can trust some of your gut instincts now, without a lot of worry that you’re projecting feelings onto the other person.  You may not be able to nail all that you feel now, but what you can’t be sure about, ask.

#MoneyMoves: The top of the week seems to be highly charged for you, between a full moon and Mars going into Libra.  These two things popping off suggest that there’s more wind in your sails to move forward on your key goals and to bring them to a significant point of accomplishment or achievement.  Of course, the challenge is to temper the emotional and nervous sensitivity that helps you get things done without being too over-reactive to how people speak or interact with you.  You might harbor some resentment or unresolved feelings from the last few months. These feelings, though, largely have more to do with how you chose to approach things than being only one person’s fault.