Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  As you approach the 1st quarter moon on Thursday, you’re facing the moment where it’s time to make moves and solidify the blessings and intentions you put together last week at the new moon.  You can think of this as the “consolidation phase” for the second half of the year. This will likely stir your passions and emotions, and that usually can get you amped in positive and negative ways.  You’ll know you’re leaning more toward the negative if you find yourself feeling saddened and tired by your interactions with people.


#Heartstrings: I love hearing about gods and goddesses of the sea. They’re usually the most tempestuous of any tradition’s pantheon, because they parallel the changeability and power of the sea.  I also find they’re the most honest, perhaps because of that. It seems when you’ve pissed one of these mythic deities off, you’ve done so because you’ve not respected the wildness and power of the sea.  Obviously, since Cancer connects with the seas, I’m thinking of you here. People always want to make emotions and moods as something that should be controlled and managed by the ego, either your own or somebody else’s ego. That ain’t even frequently the case.  The “sea god” in you might surface to remind you and someone else of that.  Respect the wildness and power of your emotions.

#MoneyMoves: Having a 1st quarter moon after a Cancer new moon is a powerful time to establish and build the momentum for your goals for the last half of the year.  This is your second wind and the cosmos may meet you more than half way by putting more wind in your sails, including financially at this time. Now that we’re in Leo season with Mercury retrograding in the same sign, it’s most important, though, that you enjoy your work and the earning of your money.  If you get too much in the bustle of hustling that you can’t give yourself a “hip hop hooray,” then something’s off.  Trust that you can do what needs to be done because you’re not doing it alone—even when there appears to be no one else around. 😉