Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

Well, look who’s shining like a newly minted coin this week! You, of course!  This week we have a new moon in Cancer, Saturn finally going forward after months and a re-birth cycle for Mercury with something we astro-folks call an “inferior conjunction.” The inferior conjunction means that Mercury moves backward into the heart of the Sun to shed his inferior self—all the gunk, thoughts, beliefs and actions that have been holding him back.  So I read that as a cosmic prayer and intention for you, Cancer.  Time to upgrade your shell, since I can’t imagine you abandoning it altogether.  This doesn’t mean your shell should become battle armor, though you have some battles ahead. I see it as tougher skin, but a whole lot more flexible and porous. But this takes time. This week is time to get more comfortable in your renewed skin. So be patient with yourself and others.

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