Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  Perhaps you’re still struggling with some unresolved fears and concerns. Dance with the fear rather than sit with it. When people get more into sitting with their fears rather than moving with them (or moving despite them), there’s the temptation of paralysis by analysis…or just plain old paralysis. Don’t fall for the okie-doke.  Keep moving, even if you think disaster is just around the bend. It’s not. You can keep this “fire” going and realize that you must keep going, if only because you need to and have earned the right to keep going forward.  It ain’t got to be anyone else’s straight line (or even a line) to be onward.


#Heartstrings: The end of the week has the Sun casting serious shade at Saturn. For you, this means everything and everybody could look like a ball and chain even when you’re supposed to be doing something relaxing. This kind of problem is usually an “energy” issue, meaning that you have to be sure to keep your energy up. If you don’t want to feel drained emotionally and physically at the end of the week, stay mindful of your eating, drinking, and sleeping. It’s also helpful to keep upbeat with optimistic thoughts and taking in as much nature as you can.  Perhaps after all of that, when you connect with others, you can find the energy to help them rather than feel heavy around them.

#MoneyMoves: On Friday, Uranus, the planet that helps us appreciate the genius of the moment, goes retrograde, and the very next day, Mercury, the planet that helps us connect the dots in thought, word, and deed, does the same. Uranus has been the “electric shock” that’s been poking you every now and again to go for yours this year.  His retrograde means that you’re going to have to rely more on yourself to keep the momentum up that you’ve started over the last few weeks.  The Mercury retrograde means you might feel compelled to play it safe, fearing that you might lose face. Be cautious, but don’t get caught up with trying to save face too much.