Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

This week I wanted to leave behind the military metaphors and allusions that I dropped on you last week, but with Venus going into Libra on Friday, I feel compelled to continue.  Despite the peace, love and balance junket we’ve been fed about Libras like Snoop Dog Lion or Gandhi, both Venus and Libra actually have a warrior side. In fact, it’s said that more generals are born under the sign of Libra than any other.  What’s that got to do with you? Well, I think Venus is letting us know your late summer march to put yourself and your dreams more on the map expands, like any good general would do. I’m feeling your creativity and your need to get your ducks all lined up in row and ready to roll. It’s not time to do too much of the rolling yet, so be patient.  We can talk more about that next week.

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