Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

The top of the week should be all about that rollin’ out of whatever you’ve had on the backburner for the last couple of weeks. Jupiter’s deep spiritual (and perhaps material) pockets are ready to unload in some unexpected ways once he hooks up with zany, out-of-the-blue Uranus. It’s a great time for preparation (what you’ve been doing) to meet opportunity and spice up your Lucky Gumbo, however you want to eat it.  What’s sweet is that at the bottom of the week you won’t have to be on the same grind. You can find time for family and chilling with loved ones in a way that can deepen your heart and relationships all around. If you’ve been having some trouble with your peeps or a loved one, you’ll feel more presence of mind to iron things out. It might lead to some messy sheets, but I doubt you’ll complain about that.

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