Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

One of the quiet yet unnerving marvels I’ve observed as a student of astrology for some 23 years is when a Cancer decides she or he isn’t feeling you anymore.  Fortunately, I can’t say I’ve experienced that personally too often, but I’ve seen it often enough. Of course, you’ve probably experienced it, but I’m also amazed to talk with Cancers who may not know what’s happening as it happens. So here’s a brief taxonomy of how it looks: First, it starts with something in your gut that a person says or does that just doesn’t sit right with you. It may not be big or much. But it’s just something. Next, comes the pecking and poking at the person. You’ll ask one question 15 or 1500 different ways until you get an answer that makes sense—cuz something doesn’t. If you want a stress-free week, don’t start pecking or poking, because you will uncover what you seek. #JustSaying