Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime: When Venus ebbs into your sign on Tuesday, she’ll begin a month long sojourn to get you looking and feeling splendiferous, as if buttering you up for your close-up for all the world to see. It’s definitely a time to get your shine on and know that your full “attractor” powers are on, thanks to Venus. So whether you’re angling for a new lover or new loot, it’s time to invest in the look and feel of what’s needed to get what you want.


#Heartstrings: The moon, your patron, bounces like a hot potato while in Aries between Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Saturn at the top of the week.  So it’s likely that you either might feel on edge yourself, or you’re more on the go and you don’t have the time or energy to cater or nurture to the ones you love. In other words, you ain’t nobody’s soft pillow this week.  I see you mellowing out from Wednesday on, after the moon goes into Taurus, Mercury straightens up and flies right, and Venus gets cozy in your sign.

#MoneyMoves: There’s always a slight lag with things after Mercury goes direct as he does on Wednesday.  Don’t worry: you’ll still be pushing ahead with the agenda you’ve had for the last few weeks and you’ll likely find it easier to do just that…eventually. But the very top of the week could be a little funky. You’ll either be mentally racing ahead of folks and waiting for them to catch up. Or you’ll feel like you have to pull teeth to get clearer or solid answers from folks on basic stuff.  Know that it’ll end soon, and don’t allow yourself to get too worked up about it.  A delay doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong course or you’re doing something wrong. Sometimes the cosmos wants to deliver its best gifts to you to please you…and that takes time.