Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime: I call your sign the sign of “Destiny,” because most of y’all think about your destination in life and how to get there. But don’t fall for the sucker move that your fate or destiny has already been written for you, especially this month. Fate has two hands, and one of them is your own. Use your best penmanship to write your ticket. (Well, at least most of it.)

#Heartstrings: You most likely have no patience this month. Now that I’ve said that you can stop pretending you have any and take spontaneity and innovation by the hand to have a ball with your favorite lad or lady for most of the month. How people ever get the idea that you’re stodgy has to be more about their prejudices than your habit…especially this month!

#MoneyMoves: You might feel like you’re in a parade of petty concerns and distractions at the top of the month. It’s not that parts of the parade aren’t “important,” like sorting through paperwork that’s built up during last month’s Mercury retrograde.  But you might feel as if you should be doing more important things. Don’t worry: you’ll be getting to those things by the end of the month.

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