Although you’re always poised to become the best you that you can be, this year kicks off with you more ready for change than usual.  You rarely turn down a challenge and that’s why I call you “The Mountain Movers.”  As sea-goats (not just goats but a powerful mythological creature) you’re capricious and flexible enough to go for what you want; and you’ll work your magic from leagues beneath the sea to miles above sea level into mountains to the top of any mountain. (In fact, the words Capricorn and capricious share the same root for wild goat. That’s why I don’t know why everyone thinks that you’re always “safe.” You’re not.)  With Pluto in your sign, —the planet that manages what’s deep in our psyche—there’s a lot going on lurking beneath the surface: a lot of opportunities, a lot of challenges, and perhaps a lot of hard-to-pinpoint, not-quite-settled feelings. You may not be used to this kind of inner tension.

The exciting thing is, you’re ready for the new.

Now your job is to not kick everything and everyone from the past to the curb at once. Yes, we know that you’re spiritually cleaning house to get ready for the powerful people, plans, and situations coming in—and the notion is on point—but you must remember that key to making all of this happen is keeping perspective. (If you have to ask what I mean, Cap, then I need you to just stop and think.) No other sign in the zodiac can measure out their steps as well as you. Recognize this, but also recognize that to whom much is given, much is required.

Overall, you can plan for a fast start of the year, feeling a bit more solid with your finances than you have in a minute.  As the year continues, you may feel a little more uncertain about the details of the direction your life should take.  But don’t get too hung up with the details, especially as it concerns your creativity or projects.  You focus on the connection between constant skills building and shoring up your education (we learn in many ways)—and blowing up your career.  Now, repeat after me: I will not get too hung up on details that make me zero in with a strictly logical and practical mind. This year for me will not be about that. What this year is about is learning to honor and value my imagination.


You hatch your personal development by planning changes closer to home, either by physical relocation or some shifting around things in your immediate, daily environment.  You may have a touch of melancholy about these changes you anticipate and ultimately initiate—but you’ll push through.  You value loyalty, so you’ll have to process through mixed feelings about your loyalty to the old you including the comfort you’ve taken in being unassuming.  Uranus, the planet of renewal and sudden change, now in Aries (a roots and tradition sign) is upsetting all of that. You might be able to resist the “sudden change” part by the reminiscing and sweet melancholy, but you won’t be able to contain your excitement for change AND BEING FRONT AND CENTER.


The changes you started planning around the home in the winter, go into full effect now.  Jupiter and Venus are inspiring you to deal with romance in your life and how you express your sexuality.  This is bound to feel great and will definitely heighten your ability to draw pleasure from an existing partner or attract a new partner in your life, if you’re looking.  During this time, you’re also likely to focus on revamping your work skills to bump up your career and money-earning potential.  For nearly most of the year, Mars, the planet of action and making things happen, will be marching through the sector of your sky map that directs us toward pursuits in mind-expanding activities like higher education, travel and multicultural exchange.  Yet the Spring is a great time to take the steps you’ve been wanting to take for years to broaden your career horizons, and had been afraid to take or set as a priority.  Now, you can and will make it happen.


You can anticipate that as the temperature rises that you may be dealing with some familiar power struggles with a partner or potentials. Things could get heated, so it’s important to establish some basic “rules of engagement” as to avoid messiness and pettiness. Be sure to be collaborative, though. You can’t make all the rules.  Fortunately you do have Jupiter (THE WHAT SIGN?) in Gemini to draw you away from the tedium of your woes.  You may change up some of your work routines and find that this increases your work productivity and enjoyment immensely. But be careful not to use work as a way to not to deal with your other troubles.  Although your work game will get tight, it won’t be as wonderful to come home to a house and heart in disarray when the thrill of making “adjustments” is done.


The year finishes with some exciting next steps that emerge in 2013.  As Saturn prepares to change signs (into Scorpio) after nearly three years in Libra, you may find yourself ready to do real emotional purging. You’ll be re-assessing long term goals and associations that you find are holding you back.  Definitely don’t be dismayed if it seems harder to stay on task at this time of year; you’re filled up with new ideas and are in full butterfly mode. You are way more social than usual (thank goodness) as you’re shoring up the alliances and support that you need to firm up the changes you started at the beginning of the year.  As the year rounds out, be mindful of not letting your work and “busyness” get you too caught up, and estranged from your loved ones. Spending quality time with them reminds you that it’s always good to love the folk who love you back.

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