Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime: Most of this month will likely find you working hard (as usual). However, be sure to take some time toward the top of the month to envision some newer directions you need to make in the new year.  Never too early to plan.

#Heartstrings: When you’re in full-on work mode, you may sometimes be challenged to figure out how to stay open with your heart. Fortunately, this may be a little easier to do because you are more a “human being” now than the “human doing” you’re known to be sometimes.

#MoneyMoves: Saturn, your sign’s patron planet, entering Scorpio on the 5th marks a great time to network as well. Be careful not to size up too many folks up by their potential, but that also doesn’t mean you have to suffer fools gladly who’ll waste your time.

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