Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

This week’s full moon will prompt you to cast a sharper eye at your finances, even more than last week. You can think of the full moon as a cosmic spotlight shining on how you deal with your resources and debt.  Of course, you’re responsible enough to deal with your debts, but you’ll have to be extra attentive and diligent because you can’t allow much to slide right now. So don’t dilly-dally with making payments if you have the funds. You’re also encouraged to keep reviewing and researching how to better spend the money you do have. It’s an excellent time to cultivate or re-organize your portfolio, or check on your corporate savings program, if you have one. So, get your money right and get right about your money. Once you’re set on that front, you’ll find it easier to retrain that spotlight onto others, especially a sweetheart if you have one, on Valentine’s Day.

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