Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

The relatively short-lived TV show, “Heroes,” started with a few good ideas…and an eclipse, at least in the world of the show.  It was after that eclipse that ordinary people discovered they had extraordinary powers.  We do have a powerful lunar eclipse happening this week. Okay, don’t get too excited: I doubt anything’s going to happen to change you into an indestructible cheerleader or a time-space traveling Japanese geek. I think this eclipse kicks up everything a notch for you rather than kick off any latent mutations.   For starters, you get more notice on the career front that paves a way for you to feel like you’re making some serious progress. You may also feel like there’s a dawning of understanding about someone or something that’s previously eluded you. Those kinds of “Aha!” moments make it easier to connect with others as well.

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