Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)
In the astrological scheme of things, not just for the calendar year, winter comes early for you. It arrives this week. That doesn’t mean that the Cosmos has isolated only Caps to be cold or get snow in front of their houses or cars now.  I mean that the time for the Earth to be still during the “cold” of winter is happening for you a month ahead. This time of Sagittarius is your time to withdraw—but not too much—into yourself to plan and prepare for your year ahead, which also happens to start during Capricorn season. (You frequently have a jump on things, right?) You may feel like you’re tying up loose ends and may sometimes have some lingering fears about your ability to tie up the past and fold down the edges of the future. Well, that’s why you have to hang tight with the present when you get caught out there like that.

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