Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

It may feel like the calm before the storm, and you’re right as long as you don’t feel like the storm is necessarily a bad thing. I’m originally from Buffalo, and most the world perceives that as one of the snow blizzard capitols of the world. But here’s what you know when you grow up in a place prone to storms: if you’re ready for them, they can be one of the most blissful and exciting periods there is. There is a certain peace to beholding Mother Nature’s work. You can feel that peace now if you have a sense of what “ready” feels like and what’s the storm about.  You are the storm, so let’s clear that up first. Mars going into Libra on Friday suggests that you may be going into a frenzy of endeavor and action. However, feeling ready is what may elude you more until next week.  

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