Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)
It’s really no accident that our Western new year happens during your birthday sea-son. Ultimately, it keeps to the forefront of our minds that if you start off with adver-sity, as is true in the northern climes, you can only get stronger and yield more later. That’s what genius about you. Of course, it may not feel that way in the moment. It’s hard to love or even reluctantly embrace the stiff winds of change or the blizzard effect of “sudden” fortune or what appears as misfortune; but this is what you must do, knowing that you’ve always gotten stronger in adversity.  That’s why I talked about planning last month. And planning wasn’t so that you would be able to fore-stall all of the bad or foresee all of the good. It was to ready your flexibility and imagination for what could happen. Plans are guides, not manuals, per se.

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