Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)


#MeTime:  Lately I’ve been calling Saturn, the patron planet of your sign, the “sit-yo-butt-down!” planet. He’s the trainer that sends you to the bench during the game of life. Now how you respond to that is up to you.  At present, for a myriad of reasons, you have to sit out  (or you feel left out).  You can either choose to feel depressed about it, or you can relish the opportunity to rest, reflect, or rethink what’s going on.  Don’t get too comfortable on the bench; you’ll be back in the game soon enough. You’re going back in with a clearer game plan and energy to make it happen.

#Heartstrings:  As we go toward the weekend, your spirit lifts and you’re better able to focus on having a good time.  In fact, you might even feel a lil raunchier than usual, to the delight of friends, family, and lovers alike.  The only hazard is that your wit is dryer and perhaps sharper than usual, so you wanna be careful not to cut anybody too deeply. You may find that people are a little rawer than you estimate, so go easy on ‘em, Mountain Slayer.

#MoneyMoves:  Keep an eye on your money as you could have some hiccups there.  For instance, I wouldn’t get into any sudden impulse shopping bouts or bets on the big game. (It’s a different matter if you’ve looked up the stats and calculated a winner, but willy-nilly guessing with money ain’t your friend this week.) Likewise, be sure to count your change or watch your credit charges as you could find errors there too.  As you prep for next week, think of one new tool, process or innovation you can implement to tighten your game on the job.