Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

Venus begins a rebirth this weekend that augurs planting desires and intentions that you could be cultivating for months or even years to come.  It happens as Venus journeys into the heart of the Sun while they both travel through Capricorn. This is the transition point toward Venus becoming a Morning Star at dawn. This symbolism paves the way for you especially in arenas of love. But it’s also an auspicious time for cultivating the garden of your desires with career too. But you have to be sure your cultivations are well-tempered as you could overdo it on the job or by attempting to get EVERYTHING done. Ain’t nothing with ambition, but other insecurities can mimic ambition, leaving you holding a bag that could be too heavy to lift later. If you must overwork, then enjoy it. But also be sure to temper your joy with other joys.

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