Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

#MeTime:  The French phrase “bon mot” literally translates as the “good word.” It means the perfect “snap” for an occasion to put someone in check, whether it’s a wisecrack or comeback.  Of course, we’ve talked about your dry wit before, but this week let the focus of your speech (and perhaps your thoughts) be on letting the “good word” encourage others to feel good, do good and look for more good.  In fact, you could stand to benefit from it.  As you bless others, you appreciate the many blessings in your own life.


#Heartstrings: Renovation is the hallmark of this week.  Capricorn is always evolving. (After all, why do you think Capricorn John Legend named one of his albums, Evolver?) So it’s important to evaluate how folks are evolving with you.   Don’t be too rash with your decisions as we all have moments when we’re not our best selves.  As you check out your peeps, whether they be lovers, family, friends, associates, don’t evaluate what you’ve gotten from them. Ask what have you been inspired to give? If it’s less than your best with no inclination to give more, then you can believe you’re nearing the end of the road with them.

#MoneyMoves:  Taking a closer look at your environment and your wallet is what’s on deck this week.  Maybe things got a little too out of hand last week and you’re reining it in.  Or if you kept it tight, you got an eye on renovating your immediate environment, home, office or both.  It might seem like an indulgence to drop some ducats on the crib or office, but you ain’t got to spend a mil and you’re doing more than just investing.  You’re fully taking residence.  As creatures of soul and spirit, we’re always embodying something, one way or another, not just our bodies.  It only makes sense that as you evolve and change that you want your space to reflect that.