Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

#MeTime:  There’s an Akan proverb from Ghana that seems to fit you for this week:  “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.” Most times people just talk about that proverb as “Sankofa.”  This may be the point where you’ve given your all and you just don’t know how you can give any more, especially for a personal goal of yours.  Welp, sometimes you have to go “backwards” in order to go forwards. It could be a piece of writing from your past that inspires your next project. Or you come across a business card that you forgot you had, but now you can see why you have it.  Whatever your “sankofa” moment is, trust that it’s okay to go back to go forward. Now go in!


#Heartstrings: Not everyone can appreciate how you have to take your time with things…until you’re ready to move.  (Then, boy, do you move!)  So don’t rush yourself to react, make sure you fully understand what’s going on—with your feelings and with whoever may be asking you to speed up.   The new moon this week illuminates your need swim deep in your feelings and it’s not a good idea to race through water unless you’re trying to win a gold medal. (And this ain’t the Olympics, Cappy.) If someone wants to hear what you’re saying, they’ll wait.

#MoneyMoves: Save your pennies for a sunny day. No one can plan for disaster, revenge, success, crisis, survival or a career milestone like you, Capricorn. (It doesn’t mean that you always stick to the plan, but that’s a different horoscope for another time.) But can you plan and prepare for your own fun fund? This doesn’t mean you have to go off the reservation and book a surprise trip now. We all know that you can be spontaneous. But are you willing to set up milestones for fun as carefully as you do for your career?  Both kinds of milestones are the measure of becoming a successful…human being, not just your job title.