Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

#MeTime:  I guess taking a step back, as you did last week, was just the thing you needed to thrust forward, like an athlete doing a pole vault.  Let’s run with that metaphor for a minute cuz it’s apt for this week. In fact, pole vaulting seemed to me to be the most random of Olympic sports. I mean, how does someone think, “I’mma run with this pole and jump over this here bar”? Fittingly for you Capricorn, it started off as something practical—a way to jump over canals in marshlands to avoid getting wet. Do the most practical move to avoid getting into the marsh of BS this week. Start off with a high-minded goal as you’ll find the momentum to clear your own marshes.


#Heartstrings: With both the Moon and Jupiter cuddled up in your romantic sign, Taurus, at the beginning of the week, you’re likely to be thinking about the boo you got or the boo you want.  Taurus is a fairly sensual and yet practical sign, so I know you’ll be approaching matters of the heart like the trooper you are.  But you don’t need to be a trooper now.  As the patron planet of Taurus, Venus, gets ready for a show down with your sign’s no-shade CEO, Saturn, it’s time to make some clearer decisions about whether the trooping is on point or worth it. And if it is all of that, it’s time to liberate the trooper and go to the next level as a passionate troubadour.

#MoneyMoves: With all these planets, Jupiter, Moon, Pluto and Mars in earth signs, like yours, at the start of the week, you have the stamina, drive and power to make great strides. But don’t settle for only a symbol of accomplishment, like a promotion or some kind of award. That’s cool and all, but what’s going on with you this week reminds me of something that Capricorn Isaac Newton, who “discovered” gravity, said:  “there must be a drawing power in matter…it must be in proportion of its quantity. Therefore the apple draws the earth, as well as the earth draws the apple.”  The accomplishment is the apple. This week, be the freakin’ earth, pulling greatness to you, without you doing nothing but spinning and doing you.