Capricorn December 22nd to January 20th]

Before you a sigh an “Ahh” for the end of the confusing Mercury retrograde this coming Sunday, you’re gonna have to brace for a contentious Mars setting off things at work and possibly at home. The “at home” part might be easier to tackle first.  Now that you feel a little more organized and “purged,” you’ve released more energy into your space, so to speak. We don’t always realize how much energy we release when we part with old attachments. Or the excitement (and energy) that comes with new attachments, especially in our domestic/personal spaces.  On the contrary, the nature of work is always to claim more energy for profit at reduced cost. Fortunately, you ain’t no fool. Reserve more energy for the “at home” part now until the job shows willingness to provide more for your influx of energy.

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