Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan20th]

#MeTime:  You’re approaching the crescendo of a personal chorus that’s been building for months now.  For the record, you’re hearing now the music of four planets—Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Pluto. Pluto is the headliner as he’s in your sign now. Pluto digs into you to “give” depth, although depth can sound like death when you say it out loud. It can feel that way too, but you’re on the uptick and perhaps now you can see more of the things that have been holding you back from the next leg of your journey. All you got to do is…go.


#Heartstrings: With Venus and Jupiter all huddled together in your romance sign, Taurus, there’s every indication that you’re magnetized for partnership, fun or being in the sexy lane.  It doesn’t matter if you’re boo’d up or not. I can illustrate this principle simply: the house party vs. the club party. In a club party, people think cuz they paid and got frisked at the door that all they have to do is hang back, be entertained or dance (if they want to.) At a house party, you bring the funk, the buzz or the noise. But gotta bring something to the table and that’s what gets a party jumpin’. Decide to be the house party and the guests will show up.

#MoneyMoves: I gotta confess that tattoos in script that’s not in people’s native tongues make me nervous, like these. I’ve actually seen this up close and personal. I had a non-Chinese speaking friend who excitedly approached me and a friend, a Chinese speaker, about a tat she got in Chinese script.  My friend was all tight in the face as she showed off her tat. I noticed his face, but she didn’t. When she left, he said, “She thinks that says lady, but it says something like foxy b*tch.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  When you write or communicate this week, be sure you are saying EXACTLY what you want to say. Have someone look it over. Please. You can even rehearse your thoughts in your mind before speaking if you need to.