Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

#MeTime:  Saturn, your sign’s patron planet, is a really sobering, serious mofo.  He surfaces as kind of a corrective for the hype of Jupiter’s binge in the sign before yours, Sagittarius.  But some correctives can be too…correcting.  You need some hype and enthusiasm now, and not to hide too much behind your cool, snarky demeanor.  Gretchen Rubin, in her best selling book, The Happiness Project, says, “Enthusiasm is contagious; one person’s enthusiasm can infect others with enjoyment.”  This week don’t shield yourself from your joy or from someone else’s joy, no matter how corny it might seem.  Give over to joy instead and infect somebody with it.

#Heartstrings: Find as many ways as you can to relish and feel the full-bodied sensuality of the people in your life.   One of the hazards of a digital age is that the nuances of sights and sounds get homogenized and flattened out.  A text is efficient, but we’ve all but lost the beauty and sometimes frustration of deciphering a lover’s handwriting, especially when in script.  Fortunately, we still can allow the tremble of a loved one’s voice to hum in our ears as we speak on the phone, but we often lose some of that as we “multi-task.”  As Venus sashays into the Taurus side of the Zodiac Lounge, let me encourage you to find your way to sensual joy by listening more intently, seeing with more than your eyes and, as an Earth sign, touch your loved ones as much as you can.


#MoneyMoves: Your adaptability is your genius, Cappy, and it’s the thing that serves you best now. Of course, you’re known as the standard bearer, but that’s why it’s so cool when you deviate from the standard as y’all can and will do.  For instance, a Capricorn friend of mine shared a link with me recently of Dave Matthews’ cover of Ani DiFranco’s “Joyful Girl.” (Dave Matthews is also a Capricorn.) He knew I love Ani. (And it helps we share Buffalo, NY as our hometown.) But the cover really impressed me because it was so unexpected—Matthews didn’t change the words much at all.  Go off the reservation with your work, just little bit, and you may be surprised by how joyful and fruitful the detour is.