Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

This week is the start of three eclipses within a month’s time.  Overall, this is the net result of the ground you’ve cleared and seeds you planted a month ago or so.  Last week, I described it as a crowning.  This week’s a continuation of that theme—growing and giving birth to projects, commitments and developments that you have put in motion. There’s a hard part with this, though. (C’mon, you knew I couldn’t have it all sound like peaches and cream for a child of Saturn, right?) First clue comes from the chilly standoff between sassy, sensual Venus and crusty ol’ Saturn, your sign’s patron, at the start of the week.  That’s all about pleasure vs. duty; love vs. fear; or play vs. work.  And since we’re going with birthing analogies lately, I’d say you’re in the “big push” phase of this “labor.” Have faith you’ll see more results from your pains and sacrifices.

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