Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

#MeTime:  Mercury’s hook up with the Promethean planet of Uranus at the top of the week speaks about getting back to basics and then sharing those principles with people to help them out.  Of course, it might all start off with seeking to help yourself out, and that’s an excellent place to start.  Now is an excellent time to swing your swag toward home and work, and you might be surprised by some inventiveness or creativity you have about a problem that you already thought had the best possible solution.  Likewise, be prepared for more people to seek you out for the clarity of mind you might have now.


#Heartstrings: With the week opening up with the Moon in tried and true Taurus, you feel grounded and prepared, but also ready to change things up. This is where you ignite more the “capricious” aspect of Capricorn. It makes sense as both the sign and the word share the same root for being like a goat.  So, um, yeah this does testify that you could become as horny as a goat as well, but it may be hard for partners or loved ones to wrangle in your attention or interest beyond much else. This could lead to a showdown around “hump” day as others may demand more (of anything or everything) than you might care to give.

#MoneyMoves:  Sometimes I really wonder where the idea of the hyper-ambitious, ruthless, cut-throat Capricorn comes from, because many of the Caps I know are not like this. Then I see weeks like this one on deck and I have some semblance of how it all came about.  With the Sun settling into Taurus, he gets into a duet with Mars and they make melodious, soulful music together, like this.  This inspires you toward the joy of work, where you can have absolute faith in your ability to seize your destiny and steer your own life course.  For other people, who may not care about their “destiny” or have faith in other things other than their ability to work hard, you may come off as “ruthless,” only caring about “getting ahead.” It’s far from how you experience the devotion to your work; but you could pay just a little more attention to people, though your intention is focused and elsewhere. Just a lil. Really.