Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

Wednesday’s New Moon in Aries does mark getting on the other side of a hump, but perhaps not in the way you expected.  The “spicy” full moon from a few weeks ago has brought some outstanding questions to a head while presenting new ones simultaneously.  So you’re fostering new connections while at the same time it’s becoming clearer that some longstanding connections won’t be coming with you to the next level. This might not require sentimentality or nostalgia on your part, but it does require honesty, tact and diplomacy.  You definitely have the capacity for such nuances; but you’d just rather move on than move back, even to say “bye.”  This is the hard work that Pluto’s retrograde on Friday sets up for. You, of all people, should know the way of honoring the future is by respecting the past, even those who are in your recent and fast receding past.

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