Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

Last week I saw a tweet that referenced how sarcastic you can be, Capricorn. I’d have to co-sign on that, but what I also appreciate about you is your sense of irony.  You can go a whole other level beyond sarcasm with irony because the intention doesn’t have to be to mock or deride.  You can also appreciate incongruity with irony.  You’re going to need that appreciation because irony can pull at a lot of heartstrings at the same time. Not everyone can do or understand this easily, I’m afraid. You may find yourself “duking” it out with someone close to you who’s more comfortable seeing things with less irony and more for how that they appear to be…or should be.  Handle with care, and don’t add more fuel to the fire with sarcasm.  Focus more on showing options rather than smacking your forehead over her or his cluelessness. 

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