Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime:  I don’t know if you had a pow-wow with your guardian angels, ancestors, higher Self, or just the sweet little old lady on the 2nd floor who serves you tea sometimes, but someone put some fire behind your eyes (and under your butt) from how you’re acting this week.  (Or we can chalk it up to trio of planets coming together at the right time—Mars, Pluto, and Mercury.) Vision x Energy = You! This week you may have found the right formula to increase in your productivity and overall well-being, but be mindful of getting too attached to any one way of doing things.  You’re building on that sense of playfulness that you may have found last week. When matched with insight or a vision of possibility, as you’re likely to feel now, you feel something electric is happening.  Stay present with that and don’t “worry” about how to cap or plan for that later.


#Heartstrings: Your accessibility and focus with folks this week will be “evolving,” to be sure.  You may start off this week in a fairly accessible and open way, but then you may somehow feel the need to go on the defensive. Fortunately, as it’s toward the middle of the week, so it’s short-lived.  What you seemed more amped about is the need to be active and independent with your focus on activities that test you somehow by either pushing you to the boundaries of your pleasure or creativity.  You’re not going to be as excited with a routine by the end of the week, so you may feel less inclined to be with folks who aren’t willing to explore something related to work, an important hobby or completely new.

#MoneyMoves: You’re still pretty serious about how you enjoy what you do rather than getting into checking off “things to do.” In fact, you might even be more willing to drop top dollar for interest/hobby that holds your attention…and you should. You’re investing in yourself and the real source of where your money comes from—your creativity, no matter the activity.  Even if your job is to collect tickets for the same 10 people who come to your small art house movie theatre in your suburban town once a week, you are still using (or not using) your creativity. If you’re not using it, um, you need to go find the culprit. Let me help you, though. Find a mirror.