Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

This weekend Mercury and Venus go into Cancer, presaging the Sun’s arrival in your relationship sign later in June.  This means that your relationships with others may come more to the fore. It doesn’t mean that your current projects come to a halt, but you may need to slow their roll to pull heartstrings tighter and closer to you.  The converse is true, too, Capricorn. You might also be more sensitive than normal.  So be careful of taking too much personally, especially at work.  Your usual tools of handling your affairs like sticking to the facts, keeping practical, insisting on reason, or attempting to lighten the mood with sarcasm won’t be as useful. Sometimes, Cappy, you have to just feel through some stuff, perhaps better connecting through touch or vulnerability. Again, another reason not to get too caught up with your feelings at work.

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