Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime: Why did the Capricorn cross the road? (Yeah, I’m dead serious.) Did you answer it? If you didn’t, that’s the most interesting part. If “ corny,” or “old joke,” came out your mouth before, at least, a decent answer like, “To get to the other side,” I want you to pause. The old stays old if you treat it like it’s old. Many “old” things can become anything you want, especially now.  In the case of this old joke, I would answer, “Because it was his or her destiny.” And I take destiny as representing the moment you choose to recognize “fate” as only the starting place for what you will create anew as your destiny. For instance, fate could have you born a slave, but only moving your feet to run, one fresh step at a time,  will lead you to your own freedom and destiny.


#Heartstrings: Most of what we call reality is arrived at by consensus, not so much by natural or physical fact. This week leave room for that consensual part, especially for things that impact your relationships with others. It could become quite a sticking point if you start making decisions about changing schedules and modes of interactions without jointly agreeing to a new “reality.” You may become too beholden to the “reality” and demands of work and your grind.  Although you are responsible for your own schedule and work demands, you don’t only share your life with those things. You share yourself with the people who love you and need you too.  Be sure to incorporate them and their input in the changes that you feel you have to make now.

#MoneyMoves:  In a couple of weeks, I’m gonna be among the first to say to you that you should enroll in “Grinders Anonymous,” but not just yet. You’re on a binge.  There are three planets at the “work” station of your table at the Zodiac Lounge, so you are dealing with the buzz of getting things done and perhaps with a lot of flitting around too.  The one caution I would give you, especially toward the middle of the week is don’t become your own worst critic of your work, especially if you’re not able to work faster or “efficient” enough.  Stick close to the lessons of enjoying your work as we’ve been discussing. Getting things done won’t be as memorable to your heart if you remember it mostly with frustration.