Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime:  I would like to invent a new tarot card just for you this week: a serious looking young boy in a three-piece suit holding a beach ball behind his back. Although you are children of Saturn, you actually have a playful mischievous streak that’s belied by your apparent seriousness.  You are likely to be more on the serious side at the top of the week and especially as the moon heads into your sign midweek. However, by the end of the week, you’ll be able to celebrate the Sun-Jupiter hook up with some fun, bringing life, charm, and fun to whatever party where you have “a ball.”


#Heartstrings: The word cornucopia shares the same root as the word for Capricorn. Cornucopia relates to plenty (in a goat’s horn) and we’re not just talking about money.  In fact, with some Capricorns, we might not be talking about money at all. We’re talking about an interest in bounty and sharing it, especially romantic pleasure.  The only thing is that people can’t wrap their wigs around the fact that y’all don’t dole out the pleasure or even flirts with all the flash and snazziness of Geminis or Leos.  They may not pick up the subtle intonation of how you say, “I like that dress” or “You wear that well.”  Make sure they don’t miss out this week, because the hook up between Jupiter and the Sun at the end of the week suggest you got a lot of lovin’ to share, even if it’s only with friends and family.

#MoneyMoves:  The Sanskrit word for play is Lila. It’s the idea that the intricacy of the cosmos as we know it comes basically from God messing around, according to certain aspects of Hindu thought.  So leave some time to fool around as you work, with no clear intentions or pressure to have to produce any one thing in particular.  In fact, some of the best stuff was created by accident like plastic or penicillin.  Nothing as major as those inventions may happen for you, but the spirit certainly will fuel your ability to stay fluid and not get too rigid with your work.  And who knows? You might discover something really cool that some other astrologer will reference years from now.  (I want a cut, Capricorn.)