Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

#MeTime: Last week, I talked about Triumph and Disaster as impostors, but this week you may demonstrate the sleuth skills to unearth other impostors or hidden motivations that, in retrospect, will seem obvious.  I’m sure that sounds great if you’re in deep therapy, a spy, or some other kind of investigator or quality control specialist. But if you’re just a regular guy/gal, this might sound like too much drama for you.  Well, you have a choice. You can believe “ignorance is bliss,” which you never believe anyway. Or you can believe along the lines of what this song suggests and perfectly parallels where you’re heading this week.


#Heartstrings: There’s two problems that you may encounter with your “x-ray vision” now: you’ll either see more than you meant to see when you probe. Or your partners and intimate friends/associates/family won’t appreciate an invasion into their privacy even when they don’t have anything to hide.  So you will need patience. The best use of your heightened ability to probe and get at the root of things is in problem solving.  So you can be remarkably perceptive without trying. (And yes, more than usual.)  However, you may have to wait a little bit to turn on the high beams or get permission, if they’re even needed at all.

#MoneyMoves:  Welcome to Grinders Anonymous. Let me introduce you to your sponsor, Jupiter in Gemini. He’s new to the job for you as this will be his first turn as a sponsor in about 12 years.  During the next year, he’s going to be helping you figure out the difference between busyness, business, and being better at whatever you decide to do.  You’ve been confused, especially over the last couple of weeks about the difference and he’s here to coach.  He wants me to tell you at least one critical difference as to get the ball going: all three “b’s” have a different combination for the three p’s:  pleasure, performance and purpose.  Busyness is about the pleasure of performance (or to avoid the displeasure of not performing.) Business is about purposeful performance, regardless of whether there’s pleasure or not. But being better, like becoming a master, means having the purpose to allow your performance be pleasing to you and all involved.  That’s a different level of consecration and understanding.  You ready?