Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

#MeTime: Uranus and Pluto square off this week and it may feel like a cultural & social earthquake over the next few weeks.  It’s a call for renewal on a fundamental level, and you may find yourself at the center of that in your own circle of people and connections. You may not be fully emotionally, financially or even spiritually prepared for taking on the pivotal role of leadership that you can provide. So you have to realize something else: all the points in which you’re not prepared are also many of the gaps where people, the Cosmos or just plain old “good luck,” will slide in to fill for you.  You’re not alone.


#Heartstrings: Another big square-off this week is between Mercury and your planetary patron, Saturn. I can’t help but think that you’re likely to have problems with authority (a Saturn-based concept) and the sharp edges of words (a Mercurial treat) this week. (Of course this includes sarcasm and snark.)  That’s interesting because I believe your problems with authority can be addressed and perhaps corrected by righting your relationship to the concept of authority first. The root of authority relates to author, and author has an interesting root: it means “one who causes to grow.” I hadn’t thought about authority that way.  I think more about authority stopping growth, not promoting it. I guess it depends on who’s growing what, i.e. fear vs. love.  So when you feel a partner, a friend, a lover, or a supervisor asserting his/her authority, take a closer look at what you feel will or will not grow. If respect and tone are being compromised and shortened, then address that head on. Then focus on what else you would like to grow, seeding more of your own authority or co-authority.

#MoneyMoves:  Welp, there’s probably no shortage of things to do and perhaps there’s even a little drama on the horizon.  (Yes, we know you’re no fan of drama.)  But there’s a connection between busyness, as we discussed your entry into Grinders Anonymous last week, and drama.  If you could create a life folder for these two things, you might call it, “All the ish I don’t want to deal with.” And that’s fair to want to have a folder like that.  What’s not fair is to really have a folder like that.  Sometimes the “life” stuff that gets in the way might hinder your performance, but people’s feelings and where they’re coming from are essentials for figuring out where you’re going.  It’s also important for you to figure out your feelings, so you can properly deal with what’s in your way, either internally or externally.  But wanting to tuck it away or go around it might prove more of a pain down the pike than you might think.