Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

Your true friends and loyal family are the people who know and see your crazy bits… and love you anyway.  You’re good at hiding your crazy, Capricorn—among the best, actually.  And please don’t think for one second that you’ve ridden yourself of your crazy. (At least I hope you haven’t.) You’re going to need all your cray-cray for the next 12 months now that Jupiter’s gone into Cancer. He’s metaphorically standing in front of you with his broad arms stretched toward you—jerking and tugging at your gossamer threads of the crazy, the ones you thought no one else could see. But these threads are tendrils of emotion, wildness and naked truth are clearly visible to sage Jupiter. You’d rather believe you’re more a creature of responsibility and reason, reaching for the top. Jupiter’s here to help you coordinate the threads that have gotten knotted or loose while you were unawares. Time to know.

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